• Wednesday December 01,2021
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    Canadian miner CST Coal has restarted its metallurgical coal mine that halted operation in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CST mine, located in the Smoky River coal field in the province of Alberta, is expected to realize an average annual capacity of 2 Mt for 16 years.

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    By end-2020, China had around 4,000 coal mines, 1,200 of which had production capacity of above 1.2 Mtpa. Railway departments' statistics showed China has over 600 outbound coal-dedicated railways, mainly concentrated in coal-rich Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, followed by Hebei, Anhui and Sichuan. It's noteworthy that the number of coal-dedicated rail lines in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui and Xinjiang was obviously lower than that of local coal mines with capacity above 1.2 Mtpa.

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    Aggressive financier Bluebell Capital urged the global mining giant Glencore to separate its thermal coal asset saying that it will bring its shareholders more profit, if it strips off its thermal coal asset and streamlines asset structure and sells its non-core operations.

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    On Dec 1, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 2,688 yuan/t and closed at 2,798.0 yuan/t, up 5.35%; coking coal opened at 1,888.0 yuan/t and closed at 1,977.5 yuan/t, up 6.09%. Thermal coal rose by 2.53% to 704.8 yuan/t at close, after opening at 688 yuan/t.

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    China's coal-rich Xinjiang had delivered 28 Mt of coal to other provinces in Jan-Sep, surging 59.3% YoY, mainly to Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan, contributing to guaranteeing coal supply to NW and SW Chinese regions.

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    China's top steel-making city Tangshan lifted the Level-II air pollution response from 12:00 of Nov 30 alongside improved pollutants dispersing conditions after cold air arrived, marking the end of output cuts/halts at 22 steel firms for a week.

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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) December 1, Chinese coking coal futures rose 6.87%, coke rose 5.69%, thermal coal rose 1.77%, and iron ore increased 3.48%.

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    China Southern Power Grid maintained a steady power supply in its operating area of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou and Yunnan, thanks to the full coverage of power coal term contract of nearly 200 Mt to the region in 2021, and average coal stocks at power plants within the region were worth 20 days of use, with the level in Guangxi and Guizhou above 30 days, said the NDRC.

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    China's NDRC put 25 hubs into the list of first batch of national logistic pivots during the 14th FYP period, with 8 hubs in E China, 6 in Central China, 8 in W China and 3 in NE China. The country has built 70 logistic pivots with the network covering 29 provinces/municipalities, paving way for establishment of a modernized logistic system consisted of "channels+hubs+internet".

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    Coal exports from S. African Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) was 5.24 Mt, down 24.69% YoY and 8.97% MoM, of which 5.09 Mt was thermal coal, down 24.68% YoY and 10.99% MoM, showed latest data from South African customs.

  • Tuesday November 30,2021
  • 17:24:38
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    Private-owned steel firms must unswervingly prohibit capacity increment, implement carbon peak and neutrality requirements, and strengthen the application of technology equipment in energy conservation and emission reduction to achieve high-quality development during the 14th Five Year Plan period, an inspector with the NDRC said in a conference.

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    China's Ministry of Transport said in a news briefing that all regions should not restrict passage of freight drivers and trucks that meet anti-pandemic requirements, in a bid to guarantee coal & natural gas supply.

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    China & Russia power trade for Q4 was lifted from original 700 GWh to 1.64 TWh, with full-year trader expected to reach 4 TWh in 2021. Their natural gas & coal trade volume jumped over 60% YoY in Jan-Sep, while power trader grew 1.4% to 2.38 TWh, sending total energy trade amount to $34.9 billion in 3Qs, showed data from the NEA.

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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Nov 30, Chinese coking coal futures rose 2.79%, coke fell 0.28%, thermal coal fell 0.39%, and iron ore increased 2.1%.

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    Mongolian Vice Premier S. Amarsaikhan said exports in containers through road transport to China will resume in three days at Zamyn-Uud/Erenhot border crossing on the premise of avoiding direct contact, Mongolia's IKON reported on Nov 29.

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